Welcome to my collection of photography. This is a true passion of mine and I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Wow babies keep you busy...who knew? We're the proud parents of a wonderful baby boy now and time seems to be an ever more rare commodity these days. I'm still taking photos; there's a lot of the baby, although I still manage to get the fine art photos taken. It's the other part about processing and uploading that seems to be the elusive task to get accomplished.

I've enjoyed taking photos of my son and some other relatives children and had such rewarding results, I'm considering adding newborn, infant and toddler photography to my resume. I'll have to show some of these as a portfolio. Soon I will get to that....... sometime soon.

Thanks for stopping by to look, I do appreciate it. I am using Zenfolio to make organization of my photos easier.

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